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Cathy Girouard

Cathy Girouard was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota but was raised in Westminster, a small town in Massachusetts. She met her husband while in high school, and they have three grown children.

Cathy worked for Digital Equipment, now HP, for 21 years, and she traveled to Boston for most of those years. She was a manager of the Pacific Rim countries’ bookings and shipments which required her to travel to many Pacific Rim countries.

Cathy and her husband bought their first vacation home in Florida in 1993. They became permanent residents after one New England winter produced 63 inches of snow. They made the big move in 2005.

Libraries have always been a large part of Cathy’s life growing up, so she naturally drifted to the Shannon Staub Library when it opened. She became a volunteer when the bookstore opened in 2019 and became a board member of the Friends of Shannon Staub Public Library, Inc. in 2020. Cathy is currently the Assistant Bookstore Manager of the FriendShop bookstore.