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The Friends of Shannon Staub Public Library (FOSSPL) is resilient and determined to overcome challenges such as hurricanes, closures, and delays, including:

  • Two hurricanes
  • Bookstore closures
  • Postponing the library’s fifth anniversary
  • Loss of board members due to relocation or terming out
  • Two-year delay in creating our library lobby kiosk (it’s almost completed!

Given all of this, we think the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (historically called Giving Tuesday) must be called “Black and Blue Tuesday” to acknowledge the challenges faced during this time. 

FOSSPL exists solely to assist our library with funding to provide programming for all ages. Our library is a valuable community resource, and your support is critical to helping us fulfill our mission. Please take a moment to donate today and join us in our efforts to support the Shannon Staub Library and serve our community. We thank you for being our treasured FRIEND in fair weather and foul, and we sincerely wish you well.