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About Shannon Staub

photo of Shannon Staub in the library

Shannon Staub, for which the Shannon Staub Library was named, hails from North Carolina, where she worked for the state’s Employment Security Commission and was its first Equal Employment Opportunity Officer. Her career brought her to the City of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada where she became CEO of the YMCA and then Director of Economic Development.

A Canada-Florida snowbird, Shannon eventually chose to make Sarasota County her permanent home. Increasingly involved in local politics, in 1996 she was elected as a Sarasota County Commissioner representing North Port, Englewood, and Venice.

Throughout her 14 years of service as a commissioner, Shannon championed libraries. After retiring from the Commission, in 2012 she focused her attention on bettering our public libraries.

She was the founding President of the newly-created Library Foundation of Sarasota County, where she served for seven years. Passionate about libraries, Shannon has been an invaluable, guiding resource for our Friends board of directors where she serves as an advisor.